Suffer the little children

As we talk about the subject of EUGENICS and how history can repeat itself, you need to watch these videos of Pennhurst and what was done to children in this Country in the twentieth century. Trump and the Republican Party have learned from past mistakes, they are now implementing an improved program to rid the Country of the ELDERLY, SICK, and DISABLED.

There is no doubt that Trump has the potential to become another Hitler if he is not stopped, we need to take some of his power by electing a Democratic Senate and Congress strong enough to override any Trump Veto. This will at least protect us some for now. Then we need to elect a good Democratic President that can undo some of the damage Trump has already done. We can’t just sit back and do nothing.

And this goes out to all the Evangelical voters that mindlessly disregarded the teaching of their most sacred book and helped to elect someone who has some of the signs of the anti-Christ, take the 666 building for instance.


Slumlord – Documentation


The.Rise.of.Hitler. Part 1.

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The.Rise.of.Hitler. Part 2.

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