We are here to help the elderly and disabled get our legislators to stop a healthcare bill that will impact their lives and not for the better. By telling them they have a choice of healthcare at a rate of 2 to 5 times what a younger, healthier person would pay. Leaving them to choose either a roof over their head and food to eat or this deceiving bogus healthcare they are pushing.

We know that the goal of the Government is now to basically get the money back that over the decades they have stolen from Social Security and Medicare to fund their many projects.

What better way for them to do this than implementing a eugenics program and disguising it as healthcare? What they fail to realize is that this affects every one of us, every race, both old and young because this will affect the young who love their parents and grandparents.

For those of you who have compared Trump to Hitler you need to realize that this is the best comparison Hitler was big on eugenics and a master race. Remember it is not just Trump it is most of his party. I am ashamed I have always been a Democrat and I was fooled and voted for Trump, so I cannot blame anyone else who also voted for Trump and now realizes what a catastrophic mistake they made. Sign our petition: support us financially by donation and help us to assist the elderly and disabled to obtain fair treatment by calling attention to discrimination, lobbying, petitioning and protesting on their behalf. To stop discrimination in healthcare and drug trials. What the Republican Party is pushing is not healthcare it is eugenics. We are asking that this bogus deceiving healthcare bill be stopped now by our elected officials if not we pledge to vote every one of you who are up for re-election in the mid-terms out of office. We also want to organize protest and get the word out.

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