First post about your nation


 I don’t know about all of you that are visiting or hearing about this website but as for me I was lied to By Donald J. Trump. Hitler killed 6 million Jews and that was considered a holocaust, an atrocity and a war crime. I personally believe that many millions more than the numbers of those that died in the holocaust will die under this Republican Eugenics program. Millions of seniors and disabled people will die as a result of the Republican proposed healthcare bill, Medicare & Social Security will be next on the chopping block;Trump is Ok with that. I’m not because my mother falls into that demographic and who does not have parents and grandparents. "The photo is my Mom"

  • What will those who know their death is eminent as a result of this bill do?

  • What will their relatives do?

Those Republicans had better hope that they do not create thousands more people like the man from Belleville Ill.   



Our plan is simple we want to flood the Whitehouse, the US Congress and the Senate with millions of petitions. We also want to do the same with all State legislators. We want to organize protest by seniors and the disabled because they would like to know what right the Republican Party has to sentence them to death? One thing I know without a doubt is that the Republican Party does not want to lose control of the House and the Senate if they do they know they are done for a long time to come. What do you think? 






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